How Crying Helps Us Process Grief

Many people who come to Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary after losing a loved one ask if the way they’re reacting is considered “normal.” Some haven’t shed a tear and feel guilty about it. Some are in shock and don’t feel much of anything. Read More

“Mommy, when is Grandma coming back?”— Explaining Death to Children

Knowing what to say to children when a loved one dies can be a challenge. Many El Cerrito, Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond families have approached our team at ­­­­Sunset View Cemetery and Mortuary over the years wondering about the “best” ways… Read More

The History of Sunset View Cemetery

Choosing a funeral home for yourself or your loved one is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You need to be able to trust the integrity, knowledge, and advice of the licensed funeral directors and staff. You need to know you’re being presented with all… Read More

We Are Proud to Fly the Flag for Our Veterans

As we consider the young men and women who have fought for our freedom throughout the years, whether overseas and protecting our borders at home, the words “You’re a grand ole’ flag, you’re a high-flying flag” take on special meaning. As Americans – and as people from… Read More

Creating Meaningful Receptions

Receptions are an important part of the healing process. They allow El Cerrito families to come together and support one another in a relaxed atmosphere, laugh about the good times with their loved one, and appreciate the moments they shared with… Read More

Celebrating Ching Ming with Our Chinese Neighbors

Since Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary was founded in April of 1908 as a small, country cemetery in the Berkeley Hills, our Chinese neighbors have been coming here to celebrate Ching Ming (or Qingming, which translates as “clear brightness”), one of… Read More

The Many Ways to Personalize a Loved One’s Farewell

For many of the families we serve in El Cerrito and the surrounding California communities, a memento of a loved one can be incredibly comforting in the days and months following a death. With many memorial items to choose from at… Read More

Why Should You Choose Sunset View? Hear What Your Neighbors Have to Say

When was the last time you consulted the internet before deciding which product to buy, which restaurant to try, or which vacation destination to visit? If you regularly read reviews before making a purchase, you’re not alone! Nearly 95% of shoppers do so, and they are influenced by their findings. Read More

Can I Wear Color to a Funeral and Other Funeral Etiquette Questions

At Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, we have heard many questions from the El Cerrito, Richmond, and Pinole communities about what is appropriate to wear and say at a funeral. Everyone is different, and each person’s life can be celebrated in a unique manner. Read More

Why an On-Site Crematory is So Important

Chances are, you’ve seen the horrific stories in the media about families who have been devastated by cremation scandals. Sadly, some of these unsavory, irresponsible, or downright disturbing acts have been committed right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s enough to make anyone question the… Read More