Understanding the Burial and Cremation Process

Until a loved one dies, many families in Richmond, Pinole, and Oakland don’t know the extent of end-of-life options, including the details of cremation, traditional burial, and the selection of a final resting place. Our Sunset View Mortuary staff hears questions like, “Can we have a funeral even with cremation?”,… Read More

The Many Ways We Create Meaningful Cremation Services

Fifty years ago, only a tiny fraction of Americans – 3.6% – chose cremation. Now, that number hovers right around 50% and is increasing rapidly every year. Sunset View Cemetery has been serving El Cerrito, Oakland, Richmond, and Berkeley families for more than 100 years, and our staff has certainly noticed more… Read More

Is Traditional Burial Better than Cremation?

As cremation continues to grow in popularity in El Cerrito, Richmond, and Kensington and across the country, many families are wondering whether traditional burial is a better option for them. No one option is better than the other. The one you choose depends on your family’s needs and… Read More

How to Make a Cremation Service Meaningful

Years ago, there was one factor that kept many Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond families from considering cremation when they were planning a funeral. People believed that if they chose cremation, they could not have a funeral service that was meaningful and told the story of their… Read More

Your Questions about Cremation…Answered

For families in El Cerrito, Oakland, Berkeley, and Piedmont, the choice of whether to have a traditional burial or cremation can be very personal. You have to take into consideration preferences, religious and cultural beliefs, and budget. At Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, we believe, ultimately,… Read More

I’m Not Sure Cremation is Right for Me. How Do I Decide?

In many San Francisco Bay Area families, traditions are passed down from generation to generation. This is particularly the case when it comes to rites of passage. Think about how your family celebrates holidays, birthdays, graduations, and weddings. Chances are, there are certain foods you make, certain… Read More

Why an On-Site Crematory is So Important

Chances are, you’ve seen the horrific stories in the media about families who have been devastated by cremation scandals. Sadly, some of these unsavory, irresponsible, or downright disturbing acts have been committed right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s enough to make anyone question the… Read More

3 Common Myths about Cremation

The number of people choosing cremation has grown exponentially over the years, from 25% in 1999 to more than 50% in 2018. Even with this surge in popularity, our staff here at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary realizes many of our… Read More

The Many Options That Come with Cremation

Years ago, there was one factor that kept many families from considering cremation when they were planning a funeral: People used to believe that if they chose cremation they could not have a funeral service, or if they did, it wouldn’t be as… Read More