The word grief is derived from the Latin gravis, which means weighty or heavy. When we lose a loved one, it can feel like an impossible weight has been placed on our shoulders. Our empathetic staff members at Sunset View regularly meet people who are grieving a loss. We want our neighbors in El Cerrito, Pinole, and El Sobrante to know that there are healthy ways to process grief, even when it feels overwhelming.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Start a grief journal.

The cathartic act of writing can be incredibly healing when you’re dealing with grief. A journal provides a space to share all the unspoken emotions you’re feeling. Start by filling a blank notebook with memories of your loved one and personal observations around your own experience with grief. If you’re not sure how to begin writing, you may feel more comfortable following writing prompts. Seek out a guided grief journal at your local bookstore or an online shop.

Explore a yoga practice.

The practice of yoga can help you feel and experience your grief without needing to talk about it, which may come as a relief. Some yoga studios even offer grief-specific classes involving slow but active exercises. Check out yoga studios in the Bay Area to find a teacher and a course you feel comfortable attending. If you’re new to yoga and feeling intimidated, ask a friend or family member to join you for your first class or check online for a virtual option.

Stay connected.

After you lose a loved one, it’s natural to withdraw for some time from family, friends, and routine activities. Whether or not a death was traumatic, most people feel the need to be alone for a while in order to process what has happened. Breaking your routine for too long, however, can lead to isolation and depression. Try reconnecting to the hobbies, activities, and people you love. This can look like many things: taking a walk outside in nature, spending time with your pet, or chatting on the phone with a friend. Whatever you choose to do, remember to move at your own pace, and know that there is no fixed timeline to grieving.

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