As cremation continues to grow in popularity in El Cerrito, Richmond, and Kensington and across the country, many families are wondering whether traditional burial is a better option for them. No one option is better than the other. The one you choose depends on your family’s needs and budget. At Sunset View, our experienced staff members are available to advise families on making this important decision for their loved one.


If you’re currently considering your loved one’s means of final disposition, here are some of the key benefits of choosing cremation:


Cremation costs less.

Affordability is one of the primary reasons families in our community choose cremation. When you choose cremation, there’s no need to purchase a large casket or burial vault, which can help cut funeral costs considerably. Many people who select cremation decide to forego traditional funeral services, which also helps them stay within a fixed budget.


Cremation allows for flexibility.

In many cases, cremation offers more memorial options than traditional burial. Cremation doesn’t usually involve a traditional burial site, which lets families take cremated remains to a special out-of-state location or place them in an urn.


Cremation lets you get creative with your service.

When you choose cremation, you can get as creative as you like with your service. Because there’s usually no gravesite, you can hold a service at an alternative location like the beach or another outdoor location. Our personalization options at Sunset View include a sea scattering, live music, a memory table, and more.


Still not certain cremation is the right choice for your family? Here are some of the advantages to choosing burial for your loved one:


Traditional burial lets you honor meaningful religious beliefs.  

For many religions, burial is the primary way to honor a loved one who has died. A conventional funeral service with a casket is an unspoken requirement for many families in the Bay Area.


Traditional burial provides a permanent memorial to your loved one.  

Having a meaningful place to visit for years into the future is important to many families. With traditional burial, you’ll have a gravesite to visit and pay tribute to your loved one.


Traditional burial is more familiar to many families.    

Placing your loved one in a hand-selected casket is what many people imagine when they think of having a funeral. Many people appreciate seeing their loved one dressed in their best attire and surrounded by meaningful mementoes and beautiful flowers.


If you’d like to learn more about cremation and traditional burial with us, contact our helpful team today.