Chances are, you’ve seen the horrific stories in the media about families who have been devastated by cremation scandals. Sadly, some of these unsavory, irresponsible, or downright disturbing acts have been committed right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s enough to make anyone question the safety of cremation and the integrity of cremation providers, but we want to make something clear: Families who choose Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary can rest assured this will not happen to them. How can we make this guarantee? Because we own and operate our own crematory. This allows us to manage and oversee all of our procedures. We are in full control, unlike other funeral homes and cremation societies that outsource cremation to third-party providers.

When you choose Sunset View, you’ll know without a doubt that your loved one will never leave our diligent and professional care. Our staff is knowledgeable and licensed. We’re also members of the ACC (Association of California Cremationists), which provides advanced staff training. We do everything possible to help the families we serve feel completely confident and comfortable with our services.

Because we own our own crematory, we can be 100% certain that our equipment is state of the art, environmentally safe, and always immaculately maintained. Our goal is complete transparency, and though this may not be for everyone, we encourage families to tour our newly renovated facility and inspect the equipment we use. This is one more way we are able to be up front about our services, giving families the trust they deserve.

If you’re considering cremation for yourself or your loved one, keep in mind that not all cremation providers are created equal. At Sunset View, you can have peace of mind knowing our professional team is present throughout the process. Plus, when you choose cremation with us, you can be buried here in our beautiful cemetery grounds. We offer incomparable views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, the Oakland Port – even Alcatraz. Generations of families find comfort in these iconic views, our rolling, green hills, and the knowledge that their loved ones’ final resting place in our historic cemetery is one of beauty and tranquility.

A lot has changed since Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary was founded back in 1908, but the level of personalized care we provide remains the same. We are proud to serve our neighbors in El Cerrito, Kensington, Richmond, and beyond whenever they need us. Whether you want to learn more about our cremation services, schedule a tour of our beautiful location and on-site crematory, or plan your funeral arrangements ahead of time, we encourage you to reach out to us anytime.