Quite often, when a couple in El Cerrito, Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond meets with our staff at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary to talk about planning their funerals, one spouse will insist they don’t want a service after they die. We hear comments like, “Give me the absolute bare minimum; no memorial, no gathering, no frills.” Or, “Don’t bother with a funeral. I don’t want to be a nuisance after I’m gone.”

Most people who say “no” to a funeral claim they want to spare their family the hassle and expense. But here’s what is interesting: If we ask whether they would want a service to celebrate the life of their spouse or sibling or friend, the answer is almost always “yes.” They realize how much a funeral means, bringing family and friends together to share memories, stories, and give much-needed comfort during a difficult time.

In short, a meaningful tribute can help loved ones acknowledge the finality of death and begin to heal.

At Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, we offer many options when it comes to planning a funeral. You can put your wishes and plans in place exactly as you choose.

Many people falsely believe that everyone has to have a “traditional” funeral. However, we believe that every service should include personal details and be meaningful to the survivors. We offer alternatives such as humanistic services instead of religious services, visitations with or without viewing, and unique ceremonies to honor the person who has died.

Whether you prefer traditional burial or cremation, we can help you create a visitation, funeral service or memorial, and a reception that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, we can meet your needs, wishes, and budget.

Some like the sounds of a small, private get-together, where close friends and family members can pay their respects. Others prefer more of a celebration of life with a party-like atmosphere complete with a video tribute and live music.

And don’t forget how adding personal details about your life brings its own measure of healing. Imagine your loved ones gathering in our reception room only to be served your favorite meal. Think of how much happiness it will bring them to enjoy foods they knew you loved! Or picture a table set with your beloved collection or cherished family photos displayed for all to see. Details like these create a truly unforgettable time – and you can put these preferences in writing when you preplan your arrangements.

Now that you know you can design a final farewell that perfectly suits your needs and taste, reach out to us anytime to get your wishes in writing. Preplanning is especially important if you have strong opinions about your funeral arrangements. Or find more information to begin the planning process right here on our website. Don’t wait – get started planning today.