At Sunset View Cemetery, we are dedicated to helping families in El Cerrito, Richmond, Pinole, and the surrounding area plan meaningful memorials for their loved ones. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation for your loved one, our experienced staff members will help you arrange an unforgettable service that meets your budget and needs. We’ve served our community for over a century, and we look forward to continuing to offer high-quality funeral, burial, and cremation services to families in our area. Our personalization options allow our neighbors the opportunity to make a final tribute unique, and we encourage every family that walks through our doors to customize a loved one’s service.

Work with a Life Celebrant.

There are many ways to celebrate a life well-lived, and collaborating with a life celebrant can help you do so with clarity and creativity. A certified celebrant meets with a family in the days leading up to a service to help them bring personal touches to their loved one’s memorial in a variety of ways. These may include sharing memorable stories, playing favorite songs, or highlighting meaningful life moments in an original eulogy.

Honor a veteran loved one.

Our military service members show up every day to protect our country and preserve our liberty. When it’s time to say a final farewell to your veteran loved one, our caring team can help you honor their life with a number of military honors. These honors may include a U.S. burial flag, burial in a national cemetery, and a veteran’s headstone or grave marker.

Personalize a loved one’s casket.

Families choosing burial for their loved ones can decide to personalize a casket with a beautiful floral arrangement, favorite photos, or a special tee shirt or flag draped over the top. If you’re in need of inspiration when customizing a casket, consider your loved one’s favorite hobbies, professional achievements, and religious or cultural background.

Incorporate live music into the service.

Whether your loved one was a classical enthusiast or a fan of rock ballads, featuring live music at their memorial service can inspire a healing experience for all in attendace. Live music can be incorporated into the funeral service or reception.

Contact our staff to learn more about the ways we can help your family personalize a loved one’s service. We are always ready to assist you in planning a meaningful memorial.