We meet with Pinole, El Cerrito, and Richmond families every day who are coming to terms with the death of someone special in their life. When they contact us here at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, they are often emotional and overwhelmed – and our caring team understands how they are feeling having lost loved ones of our own over the years.

As we sit down to make decisions about a funeral service and talk through burial options, there is a single factor that changes the course of the meeting: whether or not their loved one planned their own arrangements ahead of time.

When someone makes these decisions on their own, much of the pressure is removed from the family. This includes details like whether their loved one wanted a traditional burial or cremation. If there are specific songs or readings to include. Were certain friends or family members already selected to give a eulogy, read a poem, or serve as an usher? Was there a charity or organization to receive donations on their behalf? What about a final resting place? Was there a special location in mind?

When a family gathers after a death, you can imagine having these details already sorted out is a huge relief. Which brings us to the idea of preplanning your own arrangements or assisting a loved one with putting their own preferences in writing.

At Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, the planning process is easier than ever. You can begin preplanning from the comfort of home with our easy-to-use online planning form. You don’t have to ever come into the funeral home if you don’t want to! If you feel more comfortable with a personal meeting, our caring staff can guide you through every option.

We also offer help on our website called “The Talk of a Lifetime.” This helps families have important conversations about the things that matter most to them and how a person’s life story can be remembered and honored in a meaningful way.

Sitting down with loved ones to talk about their lives can be bring so much joy as you learn about memorable events and people, places and favorite activities, values, and lessons they have learned.

Families can take advantage of conversation cards and a free workbook to begin discussions about the things that matter most and how their loved one hopes to be remembered when they die – and for generations to come.

As you consider your own end-of-life plans and those of your loved ones, we encourage you to take a look at our Planning Checklist which outlines everything you need to put arrangements in place.

Remember that our caring staff is here for you at your convenience. Reach out to us to get started planning anytime. You’ll be surprised by the ease of the process and peace of mind it brings to everyone involved.