Close your eyes and recall your favorite memory of time spent with a special friend or family member. Chances are, you’re both smiling and laughing. Humor is a natural part of being human, and yet people often ask our team at Sunset View Cemetery if it has a place at funerals.

Though some may wonder whether attempts at humor are appropriate during a funeral, this isn’t as off-limits as you might think. It’s as simple as featuring a few funny photos of your loved one in a digital slideshow set on loop during the service. Or maybe featuring their favorite funny quote on a bookmark or another keepsake to send home with guests. We believe that if applied gently, a bit of comedy can be a welcome relief at a memorial service. Whether or not you choose to incorporate humor into your own funeral arrangements, we are ready to assist our neighbors in El Cerrito, Oakland, Richmond, and Berkeley with all things planning.

How to Use Humor in a Eulogy

No matter how humor is woven into the funeral experience, it should fit the tone of the service as well as the personality of your loved one. For example, if they were constantly telling jokes and sharing laughs with friends, it might make sense to include a few funny stories in the eulogy.

When thoughtfully expressed, a well-placed joke or personal anecdote can lighten the mood and add nuance to a remembrance event. Consider having the eulogy begin with a funny story about your loved one, or perhaps a memory that will forever bring a smile to your face. This will likely help your audience relax and remove some of the social awkwardness or anxiety that many people experience in a funeral setting.

How to Use Humor to Personalize a Funeral

Apart from a eulogy, another easy way to infuse humor into a funeral is through personalization. With every funeral service, visitation, and reception we help organize, we strive to reflect each person’s unique spirit. Perhaps your loved one liked wearing graphic tees splashed with ironic slogans or listening to playful pop music. Weaving inspired elements like these into a funeral can brighten the overall experience while reflecting your loved one in an authentic way.

If you’d like to learn more about how to tastefully bring humor into a funeral, reach out to our friendly staff today. We’re here in El Cerrito 365 days a year to answer your questions and assist you with whatever you may need.