At Sunset View Cemetery, our roots in the Bay Area go back to the early 20th century, when our original founders opened a small country cemetery in the Berkeley Hills. Our caring staff has been serving families in our community with high-quality funeral and cremation services for over a century. We bring the same level of commitment to families today as we did in the early days of our cemetery. Helping families honor their loved ones with a meaningful burial or cremation is our care team’s top priority.


We are rooted in tradition.

Our roots date back to 1908 when Sunset View was operating with horse-drawn vehicles. Having served our community for decades now, our staff is in tune with the unique needs and preferences of our families. Our friendly staff members manage Sunset View like a family-owned business and want every family to feel welcome the moment they walk through our doors.


We pay attention to every detail.

We bring the same level of attention and respect to every funeral we plan. We take the time to understand every family’s unique needs and budget to design and execute a beautiful service. We offer a variety of personalization options to every family we serve. From the type of floral decorations placed atop a casket to the menu items served at the reception, our staff members will handle all the logistics for your loved one’s tribute.


We can accommodate different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Bay Area is a diverse place that families from a variety of backgrounds call home. As a funeral home, our care team has experience helping families arrange Latin American funeral rites, Chinese funeral customs, and Muslim funeral practices. Whether you hold a Catholic funeral Mass or honor the visitation period that many Chinese families observe, we’ll work with your family to accommodate your specific needs.


We embrace technology. 

As a funeral home, we proudly implement the latest technology to allow families to arrange a meaningful service worthy of their loved one. Sunset View boasts high-quality video and sound equipment so that families can integrate a video tribute or curated playlist into their loved one’s service.


If you live in El Cerrito, Albany, or Kensington, contact our care team to learn more about the ways we can serve you and your family during life’s most difficult moments. We can help you start planning a service for a loved one or preplan your own end-of-life tribute.