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Howard A. Coates

Date of Death: June 28, 2016
Sunset View Cemetery Association
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Thursday 1/1

Howard Arthur Coates, 97, of El Cerrito, California, passed away on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Born in 1918 in Oakland to Thomas Coates and Elsa (Janson) Coates, Howard worked on the railroad as a teenager during the Depression years, and he later served in the U.S. Army during World War II with the 147th FieldContinue Reading

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Thomas Coates left a message on July 16, 2016:
Video Message for Dad 1. Hi Dad, just wanted to let you know how much I love you and I’m praying every day that you get better. 2. I’ve been thinking about you all the time and going down memory lane. 3. I loved it when you took me over to your car wash client in San Francisco that had the crazy mynah bird yelling “Where’s Mary?” and meeting Willie McCovey in person when he brought in his super long Cadillac for a wash. 4. There’s no order to these memories 5. One of my best memories was the time you were bowling in league at Golden Gate lanes and I was watching and I helped you get lined up right so you shot a 700 series, which was your first. That was great teamwork. You were locked in, but the lanes dried out a bit in the 3rd game and it took a frame to get back on the right line. 6. I liked when we were both in the basement and I was doing my homework and you were doing your work and we were listening to Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. 7. You are always so positive about life and never were negative. I remember asking you what was the scariest time financially and you said that 3 weeks before one Christmas, we only had a couple of hundred in the bank, but then you sold a house and we were OK. We never knew. 8. We’re all so lucky to have you as a father. Also very proud. Thankful to have one of the original Boy Geniuses as a Dad. Of course, having 3 genius sons didn’t make it easy for you to beat at Scrabble. But I think you enjoyed that and it made it extra special when you won. I know I always liked getting beat when we played live Scrabble. 9. You had it rough when you were young and you always made things easy for us as we were growing up. I’ve got those newspaper clips from Two Harbors where it was 68 below zero when you were living there and I can’t even imagine how that was. 10. When things weren’t that good for me, you sent me the sticky note saying: “We help each other. Love, Dad” and a smiley face. I keep that on my computer and see it every day. 11. I also thank you for my sense of humor. When I told someone about you, I always said you are the funniest accountant in the world. I remember listening to the scratchy 78’s of you and your pals doing stories with characters named: Humphrey Pushcart, Edward G. Robbingsomebody and Betty Grabass. It still makes me laugh. 12. Just thought of this – helping you do Pop Warner football announcing. I was your spotter. That was a blast. 13. We always enjoyed going to parks – Big Basin for camping and Samuel P. Taylor for picnics and Point Reyes and the Sonoma Coast beaches. The best was Seacliff for breakfast. Pancakes & bacon on the beach can’t be beat. 14. One of my most fun memories was when you and I were going up to Lake Tahoe to gamble a bit before meeting everyone at a lake near Placerville for a cousin’s party and I showed up clean shaven at 4am after having a beard for about 10 years and when you opened the door, you didn’t recognize me for a second. The look on your face is indelible in my mind. 15. Speaking of gambling, I’ll never forget when I was going to Tahoe and you said the immortal words: “Remember, 11 often repeats.” So I’m playing craps and bet a dollar on “Yo” and it hits for 15 to 1 and I said: “Let it ride.” and as you predicted, it did repeat for a $240 payoff for my one dollar. My mind went blank for about 3 rolls after that. So much fun. 16. I just love you so much and you are and continue to be an inspiration to me.
Thomas Coates left a message on July 26, 2016:
Memories of Howie Coates, Contributed by Friends and Family, July 2016 Al Ingram Lunch every Monday Doing my taxes Playing golf Playing poker Exchanging e-mails Being a close friend Al Obidinski Howie the Jazz Fan. Howie and Betty came to my house for a music jam session. Right away he asked for “Avalon” (a great 1930 jazz standard). I loved his enthusiasm for my favorite jazz music—I sure will miss him! Ashley Coates He had silly sayings, like if he said boysenberries, he’d add “and girlsenberries”. He would try to tell a joke but start giggling so hard that he had trouble continuing. He gathered riddles for when he visited with Katie and Will. Jim Furuichi The most honest person with great integrity. A fun loving guy with a good sense of humor; We had a lot of laughs with him and our golf and poker friends. Katie Coates I think my most vivid memory is when I interviewed Grandpa for my seventh grade project about his memories the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. It was a very emotional experience and I think I got some insight into his life, or something like that. I don't know if you'll want to share that or not, but that experience definitely impacted me. I also have fond memories of him watching Will and me play games on the Wii. He also came to my drama performances and things. Also the story game! We had a lot of fun times playing that and “Wise and Otherwise.” Ken Coates Dad’s philosophy: Don’t ask questions, just have fun! Will Coates “Don’t bend the Grandpa” Phyllis Hamilton Shortly after meeting him, I recall it was to be his 80th birthday. I was into golf as was he. So I meticulously gathered 80 golf balls--from different courses or tournaments, all in like-new condition. It took a while to gather that many, but I was determined to make this a nice birthday gift. Unfortunately, Howie did not agree. Ken relayed to me that he was NOT at all happy to receive 80 golf balls. I naively thought reaching that milestone was to be celebrated, but Howie did not. Now that I have reached 80, I can understand it.
Thomas Coates left a message on July 26, 2016:
Tom Coates video memories for Howie Coates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi89FdCRovw
Sunset View Mortuary left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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