What Does It Mean to Be Patriotic?

When our country is in peril, Americans – and especially those from El Cerrito and the San Francisco Bay Area – are quick to rally to her aid. When we’ve fallen victim to brutal attacks, our men and women fight with uncommon valor. During times of crisis, our patriotic… Read More

When Coping with Loss, Grief Has No Timetable

After losing a loved one, your life will be shaken up in a number of ways that you will have never imagined or expected. While you can trust us at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary to be there for you throughout this entire process, we understand that it… Read More

Does Gentle Humor Have a Place at a Funeral?

Close your eyes and recall your favorite memory of time spent with a special friend or family member. Chances are, you’re both smiling and laughing. Humor is a natural part of being human, and yet people often ask our team at Sunset View Cemetery if it has a… Read More

Can We Plan a Memorial for a Loved One Who Died Last Year?

For many families in the Bay Area the coronavirus outbreak dramatically changed the way they said goodbye to loved ones who died. No more visitations with guests giving one another handshakes and hugs to offer support. No more open, public funerals as loved ones near and… Read More

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Fall in the Bay Area

At Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, we’re looking forward to the beautiful fall season and the many activities to enjoy during the next few months. Our staff members want to share some of our favorite destinations so you can take advantage of all our area has to offer. Read More

How To Offer Support from a Distance

Imagine this situation: Your friend just lost a loved one. You want to do everything you can to offer support, but you live across the country. How can you help when you’re so far away? It’s likely that many of us have faced this situation over the past year. Even… Read More

Creating a Memorial Garden Helps in Healing After a Loss

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener.” Our Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary staff wants to give this sentiment a new twist by saying, “If you want help healing after a loss, be a gardener.” In… Read More

Why It’s Essential for Veterans to Preplan

When we’re asked lay a veteran to rest at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, we take that responsibility very seriously. We use this high honor to do everything possible to plan a worthy and memorable ceremony for those who served our country while securing the veterans benefits he or… Read More

How to Make a Veteran’s Funeral Special

Our staff at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary agrees there is no greater honor than caring for veterans and their families. We will never forget moving moments like these: Soldiers presenting the folded American flag to a grieving family. A bugler playing Taps.  A three-gun volley fired… Read More

5 Ways to Honor Your Loved One in the Years After Their Death 

In talking to El Cerrito families over the years, many have described how grief has a tendency to “sneak in” after losing a loved one. Our staff at Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary  can relate. Something as simple as hearing a particular song on the… Read More