Working in our profession allows us a unique, and often intimate, glimpse into people’s lives. In helping families in Berkeley, Kensington, El Cerrito, Richmond, and surrounding areas, plan funeral, burial, and cremation services, we talk with them during their most vulnerable moments. We listen to their stories. We see their tears and offer comfort. We learn what matters most to them.

It’s always interesting to us to hear why people choose Sunset View. We know in this area there are many options for funeral services, and it’s our honor when a family chooses us. When it comes to how families choose Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary, there are three reasons we frequently hear – and we want to share them with you, in case it helps you in your decision-making process – whether you’re at your moment of need, or you want to plan for the future.

Sunset View Cemetery & Mortuary offers unparalleled beauty. Over the years, we’ve noticed more and more people are choosing a final resting place ahead of time. Many do this to ensure an idyllic location that will be meaningful to them and their loved ones. Our cemetery and mortuary are renowned throughout the Bay Area for that very reason, with our panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay, and the downtown San Francisco skyline. These iconic sights will truly take your breath away, as will our impeccably maintained, lush grounds. You can see it all in person and in our online photo gallery.

The team at Sunset View is compassionate and professional. Beyond the unparalleled physical beauty here at Sunset View, our caring staff treats everyone who comes through our doors as family – something that hasn’t changed since we got our start as a small, country cemetery back in 1908.

Sunset View can meet all of a family’s needs. We take great pride in sensitively serving the diverse needs of our Bay Area neighbors, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions.We offer cremation services at our private, on-site crematory, as well as traditional burials. We can help you arrange for customized monuments and headstones and provide the perfect location for a picturesque graveside service. Our recently updated reception area offers the perfect place for you to gather with friends and family either before or after a funeral service or visitation and remember your loved one.

We encourage you to reach out to us. Come and get to know us. Experience the unique beauty of Sunset View firsthand by strolling the grounds or calling to schedule a tour. We want you to choose a final resting place that will fill you and your loved ones with a sense of peace and comfort for years to come.