Managing All of Your End-of-Life Documents

As we age, there are many important decisions to make and documents to organize regarding our legacy. At Sunset View Cemetery, our expert staff members help families in El Cerrito, Albany, and Pinole manage their end-of-life documents. We realize it can be confusing knowing which documents are important and… Read More

7 Unusual Funeral Terms You May Not Know

People who aren’t involved in the funeral industry may not understand a lot of the terms that come up while they’re planning a funeral or memorial service. To help our neighbors in El Cerrito, Albany, and Piedmont navigate this unfamiliar territory, our team at Sunset View Cemetery &… Read More

All About Our Care Team

At Sunset View Cemetery, our roots in the Bay Area go back to the early 20th century, when our original founders opened a small country cemetery in the Berkeley Hills. Our caring staff has been serving families in our community with high-quality funeral and cremation services for… Read More

5 Tips for Helping Grieving Teens

Grief is overwhelming at any age, but the death of a loved one can be especially tough for teenagers, who are already dealing with the ups and downs of adolescence. Our staff at Sunset View Crematory & Mortuary has a lot of experience planning funeral arrangements with families, and we… Read More

Debunking Burial Myths

For a host of reasons, many people feel uncomfortable talking about death and death-adjacent topics like burial and cremation. While it may not be easy to have these conversations, it is important to distinguish between myth and fact when it comes to end-of-life options. At Sunset View Cemetery and Mortuary our staff frequently speaks with… Read More

Best Places to Watch the Fireworks in the Bay Area

July 4th is one of the most exciting holidays to celebrate here in the Bay Area, and our staff members here at Sunset View Cemetery look forward to it each summer. Between stunning fireworks displays and fun-filled patriotic events happening in El Sobrante, Berkeley, and Oakland, there’s so much… Read More

How to Make a Loved One’s Funeral Memorable

A funeral is a beautiful way to celebrate a loved one’s unique life story. Here at Sunset View, our dedicated staff members work hard to help families in El Cerrito, El Sobrante, and Piedmont honor their loved ones with a personalized service. We encourage families to… Read More

To Post or Not to Post After a Loved One’s Death

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to navigate the unwritten rules of social media. And when it comes to sharing news about the death of a loved one, these waters become extra murky. Should you post about the death? If so, when? What details are appropriate… Read More

4 Reasons Why Now is The Best Time to Preplan

With fluctuating prices and unsettling events happening around the world at every turn, much of the future is uncertain. Preplanning your funeral is a way to take control of your future even amidst all of life’s unpredictability. Here at Sunset View, we encourage our neighbors throughout El… Read More

Mother’s Day Origin Story

Each year, families in El Cerrito, Albany, and El Sobrante and across the country spend the second Sunday of May honoring moms. Our staff at Sunset View celebrates this annual holiday with their families and loved ones. Nowadays, many families observe Mother’s Day, but this wasn’t always… Read More